Standex ePlan Electronic Care Planner Case Studies


How Standex Systems ePlan greatly increased staff productivity of woodeaves, springfield and birchfield care homes

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The Challenges

“The problems we were faced with before Standex were numerous” says Mark Taylor of Woodeaves, Springfield and Birchfield Care Homes.

“We had storage issues for archived files that we must keep for 7 years… issues with current filing in that it could be hard to locate a specific document and we, the owners, had no sure way of knowing that specific documents were in place and, if they were, that the quality of that document was up to our standard.” A lot of time was being taken up recording and retrieving information.

Mark commented that their paper filing would become tatty during its use with many documents needing to be reprinted. They found they were consuming a large quantity of ink, paper, files and poly pockets each year just to keep the paper filing system in order. Proving to be very expensive.

A change was needed, and the time had come to implement an electronic system.

ePlan Implementation at Woodeaves

Standex supported Woodeaves in the complete implementation of the ePlan electronic care planning system, from initial set up of their bespoke care home environment, through to training and ongoing support for all staff.

The Results

Increase in productivity

Mark and the management team have noticed that staff productivity is greatly improved: “Management have reported an increase in productivity as the care staff have a clear plan of what they need to achieve on each shift and endeavour to complete tasks so that they rarely now go overdue.”

“As actions can be set up by management and made to repeat at specific intervals they are able to ensure that critical actions such as giving medication, turning and weighing, to name but a few, are completed on time. Management are able to “watch” each shift to ensure that all actions are being completed on time, reassuring them that the shift is running smoothly or allowing them to intervene if the shift were to fall behind.”

Improvement in the recording of information

“As owners, we now have the confidence of knowing that all our residents have complete and robust care plans in place which will help our care staff deliver the highest standard of care to our service users. We can also quickly and easily pro- vide this information to an inspector and show that our service is being managed well.”

User friendly

Since using the ePlan Mark and staff at Woodeaves have been really pleased with how easy the ePlan is to use: “the system is straight forward and intuitive meaning our staff were able to make a smooth transition into using the Standex system”.

Easily accessible

A concern for some customers can be how quickly staff will ‘pick up’ the system. Mark says: “It is quick and easy for all the staff to access this documentation and we, the owners, can see at a quick glance that all the required documentation is in place. We have introduced quarterly internal auditing between our homes to ensure the documents within Standex are up to the required standard”.

Time saving, meaning more time to spend with residents

“Feedback from our care staff and management has been extremely positive with the main benefit being the time saved using the Standex ePlan. This means the care staff are able to spend much more time actually caring as opposed to documenting the care.”

Reduction of paper use

“With Standex ePlan in place we have greatly reduced the amount of printing required. All our care plans and resident documentation is now kept within the Standex ePlan system.”

Ongoing development

Mark has been impressed with the team support at Standex: “One thing that stands out with my dealings with Standex is how open they are to suggestions from clients and how quickly these suggestions are acted upon and rolled out. I’ve never dealt with a company that has been anywhere near as pro-active in this area and there is always somebody to call if I need help.”

“There is no way we could now go back to a paper based care planning system”.