See what some of our customers have to say about our Electronic Care Planning system from Standex Systems.

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“Before ePlan, paper documentation was messy, often illegible and harder to access information quickly. ePlan has eliminated all these problems and is so much clearer and professional looking. At first our staff were resistant to use ePlan as they were afraid it would be difficult and hard to understand, however after only a few uses all of the staff are really happy with it and it has been a great success. We would never go back to paper now.”

Emma Sheriff, Care Quality Director and Louise Bridgland,

Highgrove Manager, Victoria Nursing Group

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“ePlan has made it easy to create robust care plans tailored to the individual‘s needs, and the daily actions provide a structured way to report on care in a timely manner. I can access reports, trends and analyses at the touch of a button. So as a manager I am fully up to date with any incidences in the home, such as falls or pressure ulcers.”

Steve Smith, Regional Manager

Care Homes UK

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“Bromley Compliance Officer visited Fairmount yesterday and was impressed with the system. He said he will be recommending it to other homes.”

Mandy Finn, Manager

Mills Care Group

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“We were lucky enough to be involved with the Standex ePlan from a very early stage and have some influence with what we wanted from a system. Carl and Lucy spent time with our team to fully understand our needs, and this was instrumental in the develop- ment of what has become a really user friendly, yet compliant system. Our staff have really got to grips with the system and find it easy to navigate and use. The nurses are on board and the manager finds it wonderful to have everything at her finger tips. We had a contract visit virtually as our system went live and the feedback from that was very positive, so much so that the ePlan system was mentioned at a group meeting as a system to look at for others.

It is so easy to add a service user, it takes seconds and then you are ready to go with the assessments. The system is intuitive and makes it really easy and straightforward to input all the necessary information. Inspectors can access all the information they need for each service user, for example up to date care plans, assessments, review histories and action taken. Information is easy to find so they can see evidence that the care being given is safe, effective, caring, responsive and well-led. Thanks Standex.”

Paula Clark, Operations Director

Care Concepts

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“The ePlan has cut down time spent ‚recording‘ and released more time to spend with our residents. For example care plans are easier to write, staff can report via speech input, fluids entries total as they are entered, assessments calculate automatically etc. which helps the carers no end. Our professional partners such as FNC assessors, social workers etc. all like the system once we show them how to navigate and then are happy to sit and go through the plans without us having to sit and painstakingly go through each with them

As we have engaged in the development process with Standex- Lucy- the Nurse Advisor has been central in both educating the end users (extremely technophobic old fash- ioned nurses!!), and answering questions from a very demanding management team! All of which she has delivered in a warm, open manner. She has become part of our team. Thank you.”

Libby Pearson, Manager
Heritage Manor Care Group and winner of the Care Assessor and Planner award at the East of England Great British Care Awards, November 2018

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