The Infection Control Fund, which was established in May 2020, has now been extended until March 2021 to help care providers minimise the movement of staff between care homes and stop the spread of coronavirus.

The Infection Control Fund: Keeping on top of COVID-19

The Standex ePlan system enables your service to manage, record and ultimately help reduce and risk-manage the outbreak of infections (evidencing safe and effective care).

How can ePlan from Standex Systems help?

    • Monitor service user temperatures and oxygen saturations to ensure users are safe and well.
    • Provide manager alerts instantly if there are issues with the home in relation to service user safety.
    • All training and support can be provided remotely. This reduces the need for individuals to go into the care service which could increase the risk of infection.
    • COVID and Infection Care Plans ensure that service users are safe, with support tailored to the individual. Alerts can be added for the most vulnerable.
    • COVID Checklists instruct care service staff to ensure relevant safety procedures are adhered to. Can record monitoring of high temperature, new cough, no smell/taste (and can be added to, as new symptoms become official markers).
    • Best interest assessment for COVID-19.
    • Standex ePlan enables you to communicate with family through a family portal to ensure relatives that cannot visit are kept up to date, thus stopping the cross spread of infections.
    • Local Authorities, CCGs and CQC inspectors can be set up with remote logins again ensuring movement of individuals is kept to a minimum.
    • Reports can be converted to PDFs to ensure inspectors, authorities and specialist teams who cannot visit have access to the relevant information.
    • Our digital devices are easy to wipe clean with antibacterial sanitisers. This makes them far easier to clean than paper alternatives.
    • Managers can use Standex ePlan to enter staff sickness records and dates. This helps to protect staff in relation to quarantining, self-isolation and travel restrictions.
    • Remote login for managers prevents the need for unnecessary travel in the event of an emergency as situations can be dealt with remotely via the Standex ePlan Comprehensive Care Planning System.

There are also lots more benefits that the Standex ePlan has to reduce the movement of people and help stop the spread of infections and Coronavirus.

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