Are your Infection Control and Prevention (ICP) care plans up to date?

Do you have family visitation care plans in place, to keep service users safe?

Kate Terroni, Chief Inspector of Adult Social Care (CQC) reports this week:

As part of our plan to monitor IPC over winter we also discuss visiting.


When thinking about visiting (both people coming in and going out), you must follow Government guidelines, give sufficient weight to local risks and advice from your Director of Public Health, give consideration to the home environment and all decisions stay under review as circumstances change.


However, we do expect care homes to discuss visitation as part of individual care plans including considering whether residents have exceptional circumstances to consider in those plans, and we’ll look for these on inspection. Person centred care has never been more important and recognising that part of people’s identity and wellbeing comes from their relationships is critical. Meeting people’s holistic needs means an individualised approach.”